Summers arrived!

Have you found yourself with no time to do the housework?  Doesn’t the sun bring out your friends and lots of parties and gatherings.  I know I have been to a fair few barbecues already and my housework has ground to a halt. Luckily I know where to go for some help at home!

We have had lots of calls asking for a quick clean before the weekend as guests are popping over. Our regular clients are really happy that they get to spend their time in the garden rather than on housework.

What I would suggest when you are looking for a cleaner to help you out.  Always check out their insurance.  Ensure they know what they are doing, are experienced and trustworthy.  Before you hand over your keys double check you are dealing with reputable cleaners who have been around for a while and are not going to let you down.

Enjoy the sun and relax.