FS Complete Cleaning is a local business with a caring attitude to our clients needs. Our aim is to provide the best Domestic Cleaning in the North West and surrounding areas. We like to help our clients manage their free time in today’s busy world and realise that everyone has their own personal requirements that are unique. Our hope is to work with our clients to recognise what they want from a housekeeper and to enhance their cleaning experience.

It may be that you are busy working and wish to spend your weekends on family time, rather than cleaning your home. You may be a young professional who wishes to socialise or work longer hours instead of doing the cleaning, or you may be finding certain aspects of your cleaning a little too difficult due to ill health. Whatever your circumstances we are there to help you improve your quality of life.

A lot of our clients are apologetic that they cannot do their own cleaning.  Why? If you cannot or do not wish to do the cleaning why not pay the price of a takeaway to have a professional company do it for you? Its you that’s in the winning position and your home always looks like a beautiful show home!

Why lose a days pay waiting in for the washing machine to be delivered or the oven to be fixed.  Pay us to wait in for you, whilst we are there we can iron, clean, change the bedding. You choose!

Our cleaning Fairies carry out all of the items listed below and more!  Just call and ask we will be happy to help.